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International Moving

NEWS... New International Fuel Regulations Impact On Moves

UN International Maritime Organization regulations limiting the sulphur content of fuel to 0.5% (down from 3.5%) takes effect on January 1, 2020

How will IMO 2020 affect moving?

   Costs of sea, rail and truck shipment will rise
   Predictable shipment arrival dates will be problematic
   Shipment options will get more attention
   The reduced air pollution from ships will help save 570,000 from premature deaths worldwide by 2025

   emissions from the over 50,000 ships using bunker crude oil will reduce by over 80%
   Bunker crude is the heavy oil left over after refinement distillation produces gasoline, diesel and heating oil.
   How refineries will deal with the changing levels of toxic waste left when they cannot be sold as bunker fuel is unclear.
   Studies have shown that over 80% of the worlds sulphur emissions come from burning this bunker / heavy fuel oil.
   Currently a couple of dozen of the worlds largest ships generate more sulphur pollution than all the worlds cars and more carbon dioxide than air traffic creates.
   Demand will change to; 0.5% low sulphur heavy fuel oil, costly scrubbers that clean pollution from heavy fuel oil, and LNG as ships are replaced.
   The current 100 million gallons of heavy fuel oil used daily will need to be replaced by using diesel or even jet fuel as part of a blend that meets 0.5% sulphur content.
   Cost and availability of ultra-low-sulphur fuel and fuel for truck and rail shipment will come under pressure. Forecasts expect price changes of 100% during 2020 and possibly another 100% over the 3 following years, until production ramp ups, storage upgrades and engine technology upgrades come into play.
   Pressure to use fuel more efficiently, such as with slow and super-slow steaming and lower speeds, will continue. Shipment delays and variable arrival times, increasing costs of labour, economic turmoil, and now these fuel implications will add to problematic outcomes for many shipping services.

International Moving

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